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Gacha Life 2 is an upcoming game by Lunime Games. It is released for iOS and Android phones. The Gacha Life 2 is next part of popular mobile game Gacha Life. After viewing the success of Gacha Life, Lunime Games has decided to develop Gacha Life 2 for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows Operating system. Before deciding to develop Gacha Life 2, Lunime Games is going to do a big update to Gacha Life but they feared it would result in many bugs and players being unable to play. So they decided to make a whole new game Gacha Life 2 with many more features to utilize. The Gacha Life 2 Download Links are coming soon for Android, iOS and PC. You can know about the features of Gacha Life 2 below.

When is Gacha Life Coming Out?

According to our sources, Gacha Life 2 is coming out in starting of 2020. It will be released for Android, iOS and Windows Operating system.

Features of Gacha Life 2

Here are some new features that will be in Gacha Life 2!
Pets – Pets in Gacha Life 2 will be color customizable and they can talk.
Mounts – You can easily put your favorite character on a horse, car and other similar things.
Hands – You can now change your hand gesture in Gacha Life 2.
Battle mode – Gacha for characters and level up!
More Customization – Change your 2nd glove/sleeve/pantleg/sock and equip an extra hat/accessory!
• 10 Characters in a scene + 50 total character slots

Note: Gacha Life 2 name is changed to Gacha Club.

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